The MedInSynC® process has been designed as a way to industrialise our best practices of innovating with our clients' needs at the core. Combined with MedLab® and Med³® (the Mediolanum Asset Management Limited proprietary investment management process), we have an innovation network at MIL that powers our new product delivery.

The MedInSynC® philosophy has four strategic components:

Client Centric Solutions

Investment solutions must be saleable and relevant. Based on needs of existing and target clients. Complementary with existing product set. Explainable to clients.

Breadth of Ideas

By partnering with the best asset managers in the world we get the best ideas and can implement a “best of the best” suite of products. Cultural diversity enhances the scope and quality of ideas. Ireland is a cluster for technology & investment management innovation.

Investment Quality

Products need to be optimal from an investment perspective not just meeting the perceived needs of clients. Closely aligned with our investment teams.

Idea Delivery

The fund promoter partners not only manage the products, but are responsible for inputting into the products design.

Key steps
The key steps in the MedInSynC® process are as follows:
Sharing concepts, case studies and examples. These inspirations serve to gain a collective understanding around the challenge topic and to inspire new solutions.
Concept Engineering
This is an idea phase, how we would solve the problem by collaborating with our external network.
Solution Mapping and Idea Selection
Together we collaboratively define, evaluate and rank short listed ideas, we rate them against factors that we believe will best generate commercial success.
Winning Ideas Evaluation
Final solutions are selected. These decisions are based on a mix of distributors' evaluations, contributors' feedback and implementation feasibility analysis through Med3®, our proprietary investment process.
Development and Optimisation
This is the phase where the feasibility analysis is completed and the proposal is submitted to the Project Committee.