Mediolanum International Life dac. (MIL) is a private limited life insurance undertaking, as well as the Research & Development (R&D) and product innovation centre (MedLab®) for life assurance products for the Mediolanum Group.


MIL distributes tailored unit-linked investment and protection life assurance products through its branches in Italy, Spain and Germany. MIL undertakes significant proprietary research and development with a view towards developing and monitoring tailored product and service solutions to meet clients’ needs.

This process is facilitated by a proprietary individual policy holder performance measurement and analysis tool. MIL is also one of the pioneers for the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) in the life insurance industry and is very active in shaping evolving market best practice in this area.


Our mission is to be an efficient, profitable, responsive and responsible life insurance "product manufacturer".

We leverage external global knowledge and combine it with our own technical skills to develop new products that are innovative and competitive in the markets that we serve.

Satisfying client needs
Clients are always our focus.
Adapting to market changes.
High quality products
Transparency of investment solutions delivered to clients.
The value of relationships
Professional relationships and the spirit of co-operation.
Mediolanum International Life dac. will continue to maintain the focus on our clients’ needs, targeting the highest quality standards for our insurance products. We have created the following three pillars
Product Solutions
Becoming a solutions provider for product creation and on-going care and maintenance i.e. “evolving the products”.
Client Focus

Focusing on our clients' needs and monitoring the quality of our products.

Trust through Transparency
Building trust through communicating product drivers and active positioning in a user friendly manner.